Information For Business Sellers

Because we work with other professional business intermediaries and brokers, we literally have hundreds of buyers' nationwide and have the ability to find the right buyer for your business'. 

In order for us to match up a buyer with a seller, we need to define what the business offering is.  

Catalina Financial Group works with its clients to provide a Confidential Offering Memorandum (COM) detailing the business offering before the business is ever presented to a qualified buyer.  Call us at 414.467.4808 to schedule an appointment!

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The Process

Phase I

  1. Understand the owner's business and personal objectives.

  2. Business Information is recorded and organized to be annualized.

  3. Balance sheet and Income statements are recast to reflect economic performance.

  4. An Independent Third Party Business Valuation is prepared to determine market value.  The independent Market Valuation Analysis will justify the purchase price to a buyer and lender.

  5. A confidential Memorandum is prepared to enhance the presentation of vital business information when presented to buyers.

  6. A Generic Profile is posted on a number of web sites where information may be accessed by hundreds of BBN affiliate offices and other brokers, intermediaries and buyers.

  7. Posting a business on the BBN Web Site will initiate an automatic matching system of Buyers and sellers coast to coast.

  8. A step by step process is followed to ensure confidentiality.

Phase II

Buyer Screening

  1. Contact potential buyers via direct mail, target marketing, telemarketing, e-mail, journal ads, national business broker networks, web site postings, etc

  2. Screen potential buyers for financial capability and alignment with your goals

  3. Secure signed Confidentiality Agreements from interested Buyers

  4. Provide an Executive Summary on your firm with response instructions to pre-qualified buyers.

Buyer Visits

  1. Provide the Confidential Offering Memorandum, approved by you, to buyers whose interests continue

  2. Work with you to answer buyer questions

  3. Defend your requirements for buyers to acquire your firm

  4. Schedule site visits and buyer introductions with you.

Offers to Purchase

  1. Assist buyers in the preparation of Letters of Intent (LOI)

  2. Negotiate price and terms suitable to both parties

  3. Help you conduct a comparative analysis of LOI's and select the one offering the best final outcome for you.

Phase III

  1. Final Discovery and Negotiations

  2. Help you and your selected buyer facilitate due diligence

  3. Look for funding alternatives that deliver the best final outcome to you

  4. Assist in the formulation, negotiation, and signing of the Definitive Purchase Agreement


  1. Work to resolve any outstanding issues as closing approaches

  2. Arrange closing with the escrow company

  3. Coordinate the final closing

  4. Conduct post-closing review with seller and buyer

  5. Complete post-closing details between seller and buyer.

Seller Form

Call us at 414.467.4808 to schedule an appointment!



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